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Top 15 Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac and Windows

Date August 27, 2020
Views 4,780 Views
Reading Time 4 Mins Read
The keyboard shortcuts help us tremendously to perform repeated tasks faster and save us a lot of time. In every platform, default keyboard shortcuts are available; many are common across platforms. A classic example is – shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, find, etc. are the same on all platforms. On Mac, the primary key for…
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Personalize Google Chrome

Date June 27, 2020
Views 2,790 Views
Reading Time 2 Mins Read
If you are a  Google Chrome user, you may already be familiar with some of the extensibility options of Google Chrome. The Google Chrome ecosystem provides plenty of extensions and themes for you to customize the browser for personalization and to enhance its capabilities.   Additionally, Google Chrome now natively supports basic customizations. You can change…
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Taking Quick Notes on WhatsApp

Date June 19, 2019
Views 2,015 Views
Reading Time 2 Mins Read
Recently a feature in Slack caught my attention. For those who have not used Slack yet, Slack is a popular messaging tool that allows communicating with friends, colleagues, and teams easily and effectively.
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