Slack is a popular messaging app for organizations that makes information sharing faster and easier. By bringing people together as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate.

Here are some scenarios when you may require changing your email Id on Slack:

  1. You no longer use your previous email id
  2. You are part of a community Slack channel and your email Id changed because of your change of organization
  3. You lost control of your previous email Id
  4. You have got a cool brand new email Id that you want to use on Slack instead of the old one

Steps to Update your Email Id on Slack

Here are the simple steps to change your email Id on Slack:

  1. Open your Slack account settings in one of the following ways:
    • On your desktop or mobile browser, open In case you are using multiple Slack workspaces, you may replace my with your Slack workspace URL. This will open your Slack account settings page.
    • On your Slack desktop app, click on your profile picture to open your profile. Right below your profile picture, click on three dots and click the Account settings menu.

  2. On the account settings page click the Settings tab, locate Email Address and click on expand button on the right.

  3. Enter your Slack password and the new email Id. Click the Update Email button.
  4. Slack will send an email to your new email Id. Open the email and click on Confirm Your Email Address button or click the link.
  5. You are all set with your new email Id.
How to change your Email Id on Slack?
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