Could not locate a PPD file for package XYZ while installing a Perl package

While installing a Perl package are you getting an error like ‘Could not locate a PPD file for package XYZ’?

ppm install Text-Template

Installing package 'Text-Template'...
Error installing package 'Text-Template': Could not locate a PPD file for package Text-Template

To solve this problem use cpan instead of ppm.

cpan> install Text-Template

Warning: Cannot install Text-Template, don't know what it is.
Try the command

    i /Text-Template/

to find objects with matching identifiers.

If the package is known, you can directly execute the install command otherwise, first search the package and then install.

cpan> i /Text-Template/

Distribution    ADDW/Text-TemplateFill-1.7.tar.gz
Distribution    BKATZUNG/Text-TemplateLite-0.01.tar.gz
Distribution    BKATZUNG/Text-TemplateLite-Standard-0.03.tar.gz
Distribution    BURAK/Text-Template-Simple-0.91.tar.gz
Distribution    DJERIUS/Text-Template-LocalVars-0.04.tar.gz
Distribution    MSCHOUT/Text-Template-1.55.tar.gz
Distribution    NKH/Module-Text-Template-Build-0.05.10.tar.gz
Distribution    OPI/Text-Template-Library-0.04.tar.gz
Distribution    RJBS/Catalyst-View-Text-Template-0.011.tar.gz
Distribution    RJBS/Email-MIME-Kit-Renderer-Text-Template-1.101302.tar.gz
Distribution    TATE/Text-Template-Compact-0.1.12.tar.gz
Distribution    ZGH/Text-Template-Inline-0.13.tar.gz
12 items found

cpan> install MSCHOUT/Text-Template-1.55.tar.gz
cpan> install UUID

UUID is up to date (0.28).
Could not locate a PPD file for package XYZ while installing a Perl package
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