How many of you would like to live in a clean area? All of us, right? If I ask this question to every human being, everyone’s answer would be the same. Yes, we all want to live in a clean, fresh and healthy environment. My question here is, if we all want a clean and healthy environment, why it is not so clean?  In fact, nowadays the dirt takes a figure of the monster. Especially I am talking about the beautiful city Bangalore. After enjoying the pleasant weather and gentle people of Bangalore, the monster settled down permanently with his family. He started spreading his family as water flows. Every morning I meet his grandsons and granddaughters near our home. 

Monster’s Family

I am very fortunate to have a big natural forest near our apartment. I go to the forest every day for a morning walk. Early in the morning before opening my eyes fully, I start walking. After crossing our main gate I am forced to open my eyes. What are you thinking?  To save me from cars and bikes? No, I walk on the footpath. I do so to save my shoes from the monster’s grandsons. Early in the morning, we invite them through our pet’s poop on the footpath. They start singing immediately after birth:

We shall be everywhere,
We shall be everywhere,
We shall be everywhere, someday.

Dog poop on the footpath

Then I must walk carefully to avoid them. Like me, a lot of travelers are facing the problem every day. It’s a very good thing that some of us taking care of innocent animals. We should take a little more responsibility for their toilet. We can make separate toilets for them or we can train them to use our toilet. Please never ever use the footpath as their toilet.           

Monster’s Extended Family

Somehow after crossing the area, I meet with the monster’s granddaughter. She stands in the middle of the road like “Statue of Dirty”. Some people who never give their home’s wastage to the “Cleaning car of the municipality”, throw the garbage on the main road. We all want a clean environment but, we aren’t ready to spend 5 minutes extra to give our daily wastage to the cleaning car of the municipality.  Now it is time to take small responsibility. Let’s start to give our home’s wastage to the cleaning car of the municipality and feel proud as a good citizen.  

When the cleaning workers come to clean the monster’s granddaughter’s big bad body, she starts singing:

We shall live in peace,
We shall live in peace,
We shall live in peace, someday. 

Municipality cleaning lady trying to clean garbage

I don’t know how much peace they want. After struggling for two hours the workers give up their hope to clean the area fully. The strong bad smell continues to come from the place.

Aesthetic and Impact on Health

The monster’s family members not only irritating us with their bad looks and smells. They are spreading various bacterial diseases like gastrointestinal, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, malaria, skin diseases, and respiratory allergies. The list is endless. Animals are also impacted. We feed organic food, milk to our kids, parents, spouse but we allow them to take the poison every second with the breathe.

Poor cows having breakfast with garbage

To deport the monster family forever, please use the dustbins always. Develop a healthy habit in your family members, kids, and friends.  

Swachh Bharat Mission

To kill “The monster of dirt” the Govt. of India initiated “The clean India movement”. It was launched on 2nd October 2014. The aim of the campaign is to keep the streets, footpaths, and infrastructure of the whole country clean. If we see the survey report of “The clean India movement” it will be clear how fast the monster capturing the whole city. According to “The clean India movement’s” survey report on May 2018 Bangalore ranked 216 among 485 cities in the country.

Swachh Bharat Mission


We can blame the Government due to less public toilets available, we can blame the families in slums who use the open place, we can blame the auto drivers who use the footpath as an open toilet. However, let’s stop blaming and do whatever we can.

How many of you here have health insurance? That means we are not careless about our health. Let’s start a few healthy habits. I think we are lucky that we are living in a city where the weather is so comfortable and enjoyable. Let’s be a part to make the city and the country heaven, where president Trump one day would be eager to apply for citizenship.

The Monster
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