Do you enjoy watching TV? Well, my mom certainly does. Ever since we bought our TV, she has been hooked on countless TV shows. I used to watch them too, accompanying my mom on her daily TV adventures. What fascinated me the most about these shows was how everyone always looked so beautiful and glamorous, even during family crises. It made me think, “No matter what’s going on, I need to look good.” So, I fell for the advertisements promoting beauty products with stunning ladies, and I ended up buying expensive creams, face washes, face packs, and more, just to resemble them. I even started going to the salon regularly. But a few months later, my face was covered in acne. I stopped using all those creams and discontinued my salon visits. However, my desire to look good persisted, regardless of the circumstances. I began searching for suitable and effective beauty products for myself. That’s when I realized that true beauty goes beyond external appearances. It took a few years, but I eventually discovered the three timeless ingredients for imperishable beauty. And now, I want to share this secret with all of you.  

Apply the Cream of Smile

Let me share a personal experience. Last year, we planned to celebrate our wedding anniversary at my mom’s house. I had already invited friends, cousins, and other relatives to join the celebration. However, at the last moment, my husband informed me that he couldn’t take leave due to a heavy workload. We could not go to our hometown. I was devastated. On the morning of our anniversary, I was feeling upset and angry. As everyone was wishing us, my anger towards my husband kept growing. But in the evening, he sat beside me and told me a joke. He repeated that same joke five more times, even though I asked him to stop. I questioned why he was repeating the joke when I wasn’t finding it enjoyable at all. His response struck a chord with me. He said, “Why have you been upset about the same thing for the past ten days? Just like we don’t laugh at the same joke over and over again, why should we cry or remain upset about the same matter repeatedly?” It made sense. I realized that there was no point in spoiling the rest of the day. So, I decided to let go and enjoy the evening. And you know what? I genuinely had a wonderful time. It taught me the secret of overcoming sadness and always wearing a smile. 

Wear the Beautiful Dress of Response 

Generally, my husband comes home for lunch. One day, my husband was very late for lunch. I had prepared a meal and eagerly waited for him. When he finally arrived, we started our lunch, and he asked me, “Did you taste the curry?” I replied, “Yes, I did.” He then said, “It’s tasteless, isn’t it?” Without thinking, I snapped back, “If it’s tasteless, then go eat at your office canteen or a restaurant. I won’t cook from tomorrow.” We finished our lunch in silence, and he went back to the office. Throughout the evening, I kept thinking that my husband was the worst person in the world. But when he returned home later that day, my thoughts took a complete turn. I felt guilty because he had come down with a high fever and a headache. It became clear to me that we were both right. The curry was indeed delicious, but he couldn’t enjoy it due to his illness. I regretted my immediate response and behavior during lunch.

Spray the Perfume of GratitudeĀ 

Often, we fail to appreciate what we have and instead focus on what we lack. Before I was married, I used to work in a government office. However, I had to quit my job and move to Bangalore after marriage. My husband bought me a laptop and encouraged me to enhance my skills. At first, I thought he didn’t want me to work because he didn’t want me to apply for jobs anywhere. But I was determined to find a job that suited my abilities. I prepared my resume and started applying for positions. I received an interview call from Narayana Hrudayalaya for a receptionist role. Despite my husband’s advice not to go, I was excited about the opportunity and insisted on attending the interview. He accompanied me, and we embarked on a journey that took us more than four hours in total. The interview itself lasted only an hour, but the commute was lengthy. On our way back home, my husband asked me, “Would you like to make this trip every day?” I replied with a resounding “No.” I took his advice to focus on improving my skills first before considering a job. Now, I’m proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Android app development. With my husband’s support, I’m even working on creating a small Android app. I am grateful to my husband for his support in learning new skills and being ready to take up jobs that offer work-from-home options.


We all desire to look good, don’t we? So, let’s add the cream of a smile, the beautiful dress of response, and the perfume of gratitude to our daily routines. A smile not only enhances our appearance but also radiates positive energy and happiness. Whenever we smile, our brain releases endorphins, which help regulate our blood pressure. Research has shown that a single smile can bring us the same amount of happiness as receiving a cash prize of 17 lakh rupees or devouring 2000 chocolate bars.

Choosing a thoughtful response empowers us. When others treat us poorly, it usually means they are facing some physical or mental disturbance. Rather than reacting impulsively, we should resist following their negative path and absorbing their problems.

Most importantly, practicing gratitude shifts our focus from problems to blessings. In our quest to prove our point, we often end up arguing with our parents, spouse, or friends. However, at some point, we realize that their perspective isn’t entirely wrong. Everything they do for us is driven by good intentions. It’s crucial to express gratitude to them.

Regardless of our age or the situation we find ourselves in, by incorporating these inner beauty products into our lives, we will shine like diamonds.

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