My friends arranged a bachelor party the day before my wedding. To make the day memorable they gave me a special look. In saffron saree and rudraksha mala, they made me a monk for a day. They took me to a park and asked me to earn some money for the party in the evening.     

I sat on the grass. An old couple came close to me and did pranam. I raised my hand to bless them. The old man shouted at me loudly, “Hey, we didn’t do pranam to you, We showed our respect to the statue of Swami Vivekananda behind you”. 

Then a young couple came and sat beside me. The girl said, “Let’s take a selfie with the monk.” I said, “With the selfie, take my blessings, you’ll get married soon”.  Before I could ask for money the girl replied, “Stop! stupid monk, I am his lawyer, he is struggling to get a divorce”.

I was sitting closing my eyes. A lady came with her son. The lady said to her son, “Beta, sit on the monk’s lap, I am taking your photo. “The boy came close to me. I told in his ear “with my blessings you’ll pass without any exam. Tell your mom to give me some money”.  The boy immediately replied, “The greedy monk, I already passed without an exam, all exams are canceled due to covid-19”.

A few minutes later, an old couple came to the park with heated arguments. Seeing me the lady asked me “You tell us who is right”. I replied, “Give me some money, with my blessings you will live peacefully ever,” The old man said, “I’ll give you money, first you sing a devotional song”. Without wasting any time, I started, “Hare Krishna hare ram…”. The man caught my wrist tightly and said “You watch too many Bollywood movies, right? Did you watch Amir Khan’s PK?” I said, “Sir, I have to go to the toilet, please let me go”. 

I came out of the park and sat beside the gate. Some birds were quarreling on the branch over my head. I just looked at them and without wasting any time one of them painted my face with its shit. I started crying. The beggar who was having food beside me, came close to me and said “Are you hungry? Do you want to have food? I am giving you.” I started crying loudly, “I don’t want food, I want money to go home”. Another kind-hearted beggar joined and told, “Let’s go to the nearby temple, I also didn’t have anything since morning”. I could not stop crying seeing my friends standing around me and laughing seeing my poor condition. They advised me, “You surely realized that earning money is very tough in every profession, don’t waste your husband’s money so much”.

My Bachelor Party
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