India has got a single national emergency number 112, just like 911 in the USA and 112 in European countries. The number 112 works 24×7 in all states, from anywhere in India. It covers police, fire brigade, ambulance, and more. You can call the number 112 from a mobile or fixed phone for free. Calls to the earlier specific numbers, such as 100, 101, etc. are still valid and are equivalent to calling 112. This is part of the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) initiative of the Government of India.

There are multiple ways to leverage 112 services. Use one of the following options to activate a Panic call:

  1. Call: Dial 112 from your phone
  2. Smartphone shortcut: Press the power button on your smartphone 3 times in quick succession (mandatorily available in all smartphones sold after April 2017)
  3. Feature phone shortcut: Long press the 5 or 9 key on your feature phone
  4. App: Use 112 India mobile app. Install the app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). When you use the 112 India app, it sends the exact location of the incident.
112 India App

You must use any of the emergency numbers with caution. Use only when necessary.

Primary Emergency Numbers

The very essential list of emergency contacts. Download the contact list from the download section below. You can directly import this to your phone.

1🚨National Emergency Number112The single national emergency number covers police, fire brigade, ambulance, and more.
2👮Police100Police control room
3🔥Fire Brigade101Fire brigade control room
4🚑Ambulance, Medical Help102/108/104For ambulances, depending on the state, it is 102 or 108. For medical help, call 104.
5✈️Air Ambulance9540 161344Air ambulance service to transport patients to hospitals
6🛣️Road Accident1073/1033Use 1033 for national highways otherwise 1073
7🚆Railway Accident1072Railway accident helpline
8🚆Railway Security182/1512182 for RPF, 1512 for GRP
9🦺Accident and Trauma Services1099Centralized accident and trauma services (CATS)
10🦺Disaster Management1078For help during floods, earthquakes, etc. (NDMA)
11🆎Blood Bank1910Blood donation and availability of blood
12Gas Leakage1906If there is a gas leak, turn off the gas knob, do not use matches, lighters, etc., evacuate the room, and call this number
13🚸Child Helpline1098Helpline for children in distress
14👩🏻Women Helpline181/1091For domestic abuse, use 181 otherwise 1091
15👩🏻Missing Child or Women1094Report missing children or women
16👴🏻Senior Citizen Helpline1091/1291Senior citizen helpline
17🧳Tourist Helpline1363Helpline to guide the tourists during any emergency
18🚦Traffic Police103/1095Traffic police control room
19🥷Crime Stopper1090Report general crime
20💻Cyber Crime1930Report computer and internet usage-oriented frauds. https://cybercrime.gov.in

Other Emergency Numbers

An important list of emergency contacts. Download the contact list from the download section below. You can directly import this to your phone.

1🚉Railway Enquiry139General contact for railway inquiry, PNR status, etc.
2💡Electricity1912/155333Complaint related to electricity supply. https://powermin.gov.in
3🚰Water1916/155313Complaint related to the water supply.
4📞Anti-Ragging1800 180 5522Ragging is a crime, report it. https://www.antiragging.in
5💵Anti-Corruption1064Complaint against corrupt government employees and officers
6💣Anti-Terror1090Helpline to counter-terrorism
7👩‍🌾Kisan Call Center1551Call center for farmers. https://agricoop.nic.in/en
8💉Aids1097Helpline for Aids. http://www.naco.gov.in
9🆔Aadhar Card1947Inquiry about Aadhar enrollment and support. https://resident.uidai.gov.in
10🏛️Election Commission of India1950Voter and election-related helpline. https://eci.gov.in
11🛒National Consumer Helpline14404/1800 11 4000Register any consumer grievance. Operates from 8 AM to 8 PM. https://consumerhelpline.gov.in
12👁️Eye Bank1919Eye donation and inquiry


You don’t have to save these emergency numbers one by one. To save you time, we are providing the combined contact list as a downloadable file (vCard format) that you can easily import on your phone. Download the VCF file on your mobile and tap on it to import. This will add 32 contacts (20 primary and 12 other) to your phone’s contact list with the prefix Emergency. The prefix Emergency in the name will help you find these emergency contacts easily when you need them.

The emergency contact list is also available for download in PDF format.

Emergency Helpline Numbers of India
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