Gratuity Calculator (for India)

Gratuity is a special sum of money given by employers to their employees as a way to show gratitude for their dedicated service to the company.

Employees who have completed a minimum of 5 years of service in an organization are entitled to receive gratuity. This payment is made upon retirement, resignation, disability, or in the unfortunate event of the employee's death while still in service. The amount of gratuity is calculated based on the employee's last drawn salary and the number of years they have worked for the company.

It's important to note that gratuity amounts up to 20 lakh are exempted from taxation, providing an additional benefit to the employees.

years months
Payout Date

Monthly Basic Salary
Service Start
Service Duration
Effective Service Duration
Taxable Gratuity
Effective Gratuity (Taxed at 10%)
Effective Gratuity (Capped)

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