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ApexText 1.2

Documentation of ApexText 1.2

What's new in v1.2?
  • Performance improved in editor startup, file open and search
  • Recent files list maintenance by editor
  • Indent, outdent facilities for text blocks
  • Comment, uncomment facilities for programming
  • Right margin in editor to limit line size
  • Multiprocess execution support with console menus: start, stop and clear
  • Word wrap
  • Preferences window is re-organized and faster
  • Bug reporting and feature request facilities right from the editor
Important bug fixes in v1.2:
  • Document name and path case sensitiveness depending on platform
  • Log files were getting overriden by different editor session
  • CPU usage was high even if editor is in idle state
  • File save and update (by other applications) alert had problems
  • Editor open file menu was not able to open file using URL
  • Java compilation errors when third party library used even if library is available in CLASSPATH

ApexText 1.0

Documentation of ApexText 1.0