Web Information Organization

Today’s web is cluttered with heterogeneous information and the rate in which web is growing, the day is not too far that web would become unmanageable, unsearchable and unusable.


The list of major problems exist on web platform:

  1. Websites (and web pages) are not categorized
  2. How user would trust that information published by a website is correct and complete?
  3. Due to lack of age information of data, user's trust reduces considerably
  4. Even though HTML and CSS standards are available at language level, there is no standard available to publish and manage information on web.


We propose following ideas to overcome problems stated above:

  1. Structure and categorize data on web. Every website is required to publish its category as meta information.
  2. Authenticity of web data. Third party verifiers are required for checking correctness and completeness of information. Like secure website verifier there would be verifiers of published information.
  3. Age of data to be mandatorily attached with web pages and/or information block
  4. Overall web information tree as a sum of all website trees (e.g. sitemap) for better navigation and search. Search engines would benefit from this.
  5. Standards for publishing and managing information on web

Recently W3C has taken an initiative for semantic web. This would solve problems for machines (e.g. search engines) to find information easily; however human users would not get much benefits.


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