Every time you start your system, a common set of applications and services are needed to be opened manually one by one to perform your tasks. It is a tedious work. This is a free utility program to manage and open a set of programs (e.g. outlook, web browser, IDE) automatically during system startup on Windows machine. Even though Windows allows to manage startup programs in different ways those are not well known and do not allow windows services. This utility is created for all kind of Windows users to manage their startup programs and services efficiently.

Edit Program List

The startup programs are listed in Startup.bat. To edit this file:

  1. Open it from <STARTUPUTIL_INSTALLATION_DIR>/Startup.bat using a suitable text editor
  2. Else, Go to Start >> Programs >> StartUtil >> Edit Program List.

File Format

Add/modify program entries in Startup.bat in following format:

  1. Start "<Executable File Name>" - in case the program executable is available in PATH environmental variable
  2. Else, start "<Full File Path of Executable>"

You can have any number of entries in this file. All the programs will be started in parallel during system startup or user login.