Ultimate questions
Ultimate questions

Q1. Why have I come to this world?

Answer: My Karma has brought me to this world. I have got a great opportunity in this life to unite with the Supreme God (ब्रह्म) by continuously doing Good Karma*.

Q2. What is the purpose of my life?

Answer: Liberation (मुक्ति/मोक्ष) is the true purpose of life. It does not mean death. Liberation means merging with the Supreme God and becoming free from the cycle of birth and death.

Q3. What is the path of my liberation?

Answer: There are many paths to liberation. One of those is Karma. Always do Karma with good virtues such as honesty, truthfulness, kindness, compassion, love, generosity, morality, etc. to attain liberation. Let us slowly eliminate vices such as Selfishness, Envy, Ego, Greed, Lust, etc. Here are a few important virtues we must adopt in the path of liberation:

  1. Selfless Action (निःस्वार्थपर)
    • Give up ‘I’ and ‘Mine’. In life embrace everyone and everything
    • When you see everyone and everything in the universe as your own, then there is no place for ‘I’ and ‘Mine’
  2. DetachmentFree from bondage (बंधनहीन)
    • Detachment from everyone and everything
    • Be with everyone and everything but without attachment
  3. Desireless (अनासक्त)
    • Perform your duties by dedicating the results to the Supreme God
    • Give up material desires
  4. RenunciationFull self-sacrifice (पूर्ण आत्मत्याग)
    • The sacrifice of ‘Self’ in the highest form
    • Give your belongings to needy people when you need those the most

*Good Karma: When one does Karma following the above, then it is Good Karma.

The Ultimate Questions
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