1. Context

Life is a journey with varied experiences. Life is full of ups and downs. We face many challenges in different phases of life. These challenges are usually related to job, business, relationship, responsibilities, health, etc. We try our level best to overcome most of our daily challenges all alone. For some hurdles, however, we seek help from others. The experts we reach out to are mostly people from our social circle. In difficult situations, not asking for help may lead to severe damages and sometimes may lead to depression. Hence, it is perfectly fine to get help from the people around us or from professionals to sort out things.

2. Problem

In difficult situation, first, we look for reliable advisors around us. We choose people who are stable, considered wise in the society. We choose people whom we can trust. When we share our personal matter with another person and seek for advice, an invisible emotional bond is created automatically. If the advice works out well, we go to the same person again when we face a new hurdle later. It becomes a habit. Over time, the invisible emotional bond becomes stronger. These trusted advisors become an integral part of our life. Gradually, our happiness, excitement, and every emotion depends on them. We call them friend, guide, mentor, advisor, philosopher, etc.

3. Conclusion

We must be cautious about excessive dependency on our trusted advisors to deal with our every minor problem. If you depend too much on a person for your motivation and happiness, the same person may eventually become the reason for your unhappiness and distractions.

When you depend on a person at every stage, you may essentially become a burden in their life. They won’t tell you this directly in order to maintain the relationship. At one stage, they would start avoiding you. Everyone needs space in their life. When your problem is solved, show your gratitude to people and move on. If you can’t do that, then you are inviting your own misery.

Dependency for Happiness
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