In life, just like in nature, there exists a natural cyclic process. This process is characterized by the act of sowing seeds, which grow into trees, bear fruits, and produce more seeds. Just as we expect a mango seed to grow into a mango tree or a potato seed to yield a potato plant, we must understand that different seeds produce different results. Planting an orange seed, for instance, will not result in the growth of a jackfruit tree. Each seed has its own unique potential and destiny. Similarly, our actions in life can be seen as seeds that we sow, and they too bear equivalent fruits that impact our own lives. This concept, known as Karma, teaches us that what we give to the world, we ultimately receive in return.

The Seed of Actions

Our actions have the power to influence the happiness and unhappiness of those around us. When we spread joy and make others happy, we sow the seed of happiness, which in turn grows into happiness for ourselves. Conversely, if our actions cause pain and unhappiness, we sow the seed of unhappiness, which ultimately leads to unhappiness in our own lives. It becomes clear that the seeds we sow through our actions determine the kind of outcome we receive.

The Seed of Thoughts

Behind every action lies a thought. The thoughts we hold shape our character and influence the way we interact with the world. If we cultivate kind thoughts, we naturally become kind individuals. Similarly, when our thoughts are rooted in honesty, we develop a genuine and honest tendency. Thus, our character is a reflection of the thoughts we consistently nurture.

The Seed of Desires

Desires serve as the driving force behind our thoughts and actions. They have the power to attract the corresponding objects or experiences into our lives. When we desire wealth, we create conditions that lead to financial prosperity. Similarly, when we yearn for love, we attract loving relationships, and when we aspire for power, we find ourselves becoming more influential. Our desires act as the starting point, leading to thoughts and then actions that manifest those desires.


The concept of Karma teaches us profound lessons about the interconnectedness of our desires, thoughts, and actions. By understanding “what we give to the world comes back to us” we gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of cultivating positive actions, thoughts, and desires. By controlling our desires, we control our thoughts and, hence actions. Let us strive to sow the seeds of kindness, happiness, and honesty so that we may reap an ample harvest of the same in our own lives. Remember, the seeds we plant today shape the garden we’ll walk in tomorrow.

Karma: How Our Actions Shape Our Lives
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