Children are highly influenced by their surroundings, absorbing behaviors and values from their parents, teachers, friends, and relatives. Their young minds often lack the ability to judge between right and wrong easily. Instead of simply telling them what’s right, it’s essential to lead by example and provide the right environment for their growth. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of providing the right environment and lessons to children, allowing them to develop their unique potential.

1. The Power of Environment

Children absorb everything they see, hear, and experience. They learn from their surroundings, and it shapes their future. It’s difficult for them to differentiate between good and bad in a judgmental way. Instead, we can indirectly teach them the right lessons by setting good examples and doing the right things in front of them. If we cannot control what they are exposed to, it’s important to guide them when they are ready to listen.

2. Monitoring and Guiding

Parents should pay attention to their children’s activities and intervene when things are not going in the right direction. By closely monitoring their actions, we can take appropriate measures to guide them on the right path and correct any negative tendencies.

3. Encouraging Exploration

Parents and elders often impose their desires and restrict children’s curiosity. This approach limits the child’s development. It is important to provide children with a positive environment that allows them to explore various options. By offering multiple choices, parents can help children develop their own tastes and preferences rather than limiting them to their own.

4. Fostering Growth

Children should be exposed to a diverse range of opportunities and experiences. Parents should provide a nurturing environment that allows children to unfold their potential. By offering guidance and encouragement, children can reach great heights. Neglecting attention and the right environment may hinder their growth and abilities.

5. Teaching Reasoning

Children often desire things simply because they see others with them, without considering the usefulness or potential harm. It is important to teach children to make reasonable choices and fulfill their wishes selectively. This helps them develop critical thinking skills and understand the value of their desires.

6. Unleashing Potential

Every child is born with talents and the capacity to learn. Parents and elders should recognize and nurture these talents from an early age. By providing the right environment and guidance, children can achieve remarkable things. Neglecting their development can cause them to lose their abilities over time.

7. Preserving Innocence

Children enter this world pure, innocent, honest, simple, and humble. However, as they interact with different people and adapt to society’s rules, they begin to lose their innocence. It is crucial to foster an environment that allows children to retain their fearlessness, honesty, and simplicity. Embracing these qualities empowers them to achieve extraordinary things.

8. The Power of Imitation

Children are natural copycats. They observe and imitate what they see. Parents must be mindful of their actions and ensure they are setting positive examples for their children. By consistently demonstrating desirable behaviors, parents can instill good values in their children.

9. Mindset and Determination

Every child has the potential for greatness. Children’s abilities are not predetermined or “god-gifted.” Their achievements are influenced by their environment and the conditioning of their minds. When children believe in themselves and maintain their honest, pure, and fearless nature, they can achieve wonders.

10. Redefining Life Patterns

Rather than pushing children into predetermined life cycles, we should encourage them to create new patterns and invent innovative ways of living. By nurturing their creativity and encouraging them to explore unconventional paths, think outside the box, we can inspire innovation and a more fulfilling future.


As parents and elders, we have a significant role in shaping children’s futures. Nurturing children requires providing the right environment, guidance, and lessons. By being mindful of our actions, allowing exploration, preserving innocence, and fostering growth, we can shape their future positively. Let us embrace their potential, inspire their curiosity, and encourage them to create new patterns of life, leading to a world filled with innovation and fulfillment.

Nurturing Children: Shaping their Future with Positive Influence
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