World Day Against Child Labor

1. World Day Against Child Labor

We observe every year 12th June as the day against child labor throughout the world. Every time we observe the day, we become sympathetic about underprivileged children and then, after a few days, forget about it. Even though we have the willingness to do something for these kids, it remains as the wish. The first question is what can we do for these underprivileged children who are growing up with suffering? Where can you start and whom to approach?

2. Background

There are two categories of underprivileged children. The first category of children is already working to make ends meet. The second category of children has been experiencing hard struggles and is on the verge of leaving education to work. Often, their family members force them to work to support the family financially. They live with enormous pain and agony. Therefore, along with the welfare of the child, one needs to think about the family the child supports.

3. Call For Action

Here, I’ll suggest a few ways to begin and propose a call for action. If you know an underprivileged child in your neighborhood, the first step is to meet the child. Understand the child’s current circumstances and then talk to the child’s family members, if possible. Discover the ways you can support the child. Remember, you may need to support the family members as well. Unless we support the family members, they won’t allow you to stop the child from working. Depending on the time and energy you can dedicate ongoing basis, decide whether to go for direct support or go through an NGO working in this space. Now, depending on how much money you can spend on the cause, take one or more responsibilities of the child for a period:

  1. Food
  2. Clothes
  3. Shelter
  4. Education
  5. Some part of the ration for the child’s family

Encourage your friends and colleagues to support the cause and share the responsibility. When more people are involved, you can form a group and support multiple underprivileged kids in your locality.

Either directly or through an NGO, support at least one underprivileged child to get food, shelter, and education. Every child has the potential to shine and give back to the nation.

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Instead of just talking and being sympathetic, let us dive into the action mode and witness the change. Remember, every child has the potential to shine and give back to the nation.

World Day Against Child Labor
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