Have you enjoyed the beauty of Goa? It is really beautiful, right? I was 12 years old when I heard this line from one of my school friends – “Goa is the best place for a honeymoon in India”. Since then I had planned to celebrate my honeymoon in Goa. It seemed like a fascination to me. Finally, that dream came true. Last December, I went to Goa to celebrate my second honeymoon.

The Spectacular Doodhsagar Waterfall

Along with the beauty of Goa, I have experienced something more. I would like to share 3 lessons I have learned from my Goa tour.

First Story

We do not need an excessive makeover to look beautiful. Attitude, behavior, and kindness also make a person beautiful. The day we started our journey, immediately after breakfast, I went to a salon to make myself beautiful. That day, I wanted to increase my beauty to the maximum. Naturally, I had to pay more than usual. The maximum salon could extract from me. They suggested I do this, to do that. I did all those. When I came back home really, I looked very beautiful.

The next morning when we reached Goa, I was shocked when I looked at myself in the mirror. The face was full of pimples, rashes, and red spots. It looked like a surface of jackfruit. My beauty decreased to the lowest.  Can you imagine the expression of my husband? He was furious and told me, “You spent more money this time and made yourself ugly. If you had done nothing, you would look beautiful today, remember it”. I used only one word, “Sorry”. I realized I made a mistake, but I had nothing to say then. If you are planning your tour, please remember, excessive grooming is unnecessary just before a trip; the result may be the opposite.

Second Story

There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is always a hidden cost. After checking into the hotel, we came out for lunch and to see the neighborhood. We met a stranger who was giving lottery tickets to random people without charging a penny. The man gave me a ticket and asked me to try my luck. When I opened it, I was surprised. It showed I have won a prize from a list of four prizes. The prizes were 21 inches LED TV, 5 nights hotel stay, an iPad, and 10 thousand rupees cash. Our prize was hidden in the ticket. The man told us we have to go to their hotel and scratch it in front of their manager. They will arrange our prize within an hour. My husband didn’t want to go but I was very excited to collect the prize. First time in my life I got something unexpected.

The man arranged a car to go to the hotel. We went to the hotel. Can you imagine what happened after that? They spoilt our three hours to sell membership of their hotel chain. We got the prize to stay five nights and six days in their hotel within a year. After spoiling the whole day we became hungry and angry man and woman, I and my husband came back to our hotel room. Please remember, don’t trust people in a tourist place who give free stuff.

400 years old The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church

Third Story

The Digital India dream has not reached remote India yet. Be prepared with alternate options. The next day we visited North Goa through the Goa Government organized package tour. We went to Coco beach, Lighthouse, Millionaire Palace, Aguda fort, Anjuna beach one after the other. After that, our bus reached a restaurant for lunch. We had our favorite chicken masala, prawn curry, vegetable, Dal, Salad, Rice, etc. When we reached the billing counter, the hotel manager told us they accept only cash, no card, no Paytm. We didn’t have sufficient cash. My husband told me, “Stay here, I am bringing cash from the nearby ATM.’’

I was nervous when I saw our bur was moving. I requested them to wait for us. They waited, but the travelers were worried. After a few minutes, I saw my husband was returning running in the hot sun. The place was a remote area. There was no auto, no small vehicle, nothing. I asked him, “Did you get the money?’’ I was stunned when he replied “No”. We stood like stupid. We didn’t know what should we do next. Seeing our situation, our travel guide Kalidas, lent us money. We paid the bill and moved to the next destination. We have learned not to fully depend on digital money always, carry a good amount of cash when you travel to remote places.

Colva Beach


The spectacular moment of the Sunset in the Arabian Sea had cleaned all our terrible experiences. We were lost in the beauty of the silver sand of Calangute beach. After sunset, the beaches became night queens. Beautiful lights, nice decorations, loud music, beach shacks; it was really exceptional. I took away three things from Goa. The Sea wave consulates my heart, the Dudhsagar waterfall inspires my mind. The Basilica of Bom Jesus’ church nourishes my soul. I will carry the feeling for a very long time. I hope my learning will help you with your next dream tour.

My Dream Tour
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